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North Toronto Treatment Plant

North Toronto Treatment Plant, Process & ECAP 2 Upgrades

Recent Bennett Construction Group Project

City of Toronto
Bennett Built

Contract Value: $25,702,000.00

Scope of Work:

  • Cast in Place construction of new electrical substation and two (2) new electrical houses
  • Structural repairs to lower aeration gallery and aeration tanks
  • Removal of venturi flow meter and installation of new 400mm magnetic flowmeter complete with motorized knife gate valve for upstream isolation
  • Removal of existing medium bubble diffuser system and installation of new fine bubble diffuser systems within all aeration tanks (8)
  • Installation of a Membrane Activated Biofilm Reactor (MABR) system including dedicated blower in Aeration Tank 1 & 2
  • Installation of jet mixing systems in anoxic zones of Aeration Tanks 1&2
  • Installation of submersible mixers complete with fine bubble diffusers in anoxic zones of aeration tanks 3-8
  • Removal and replacement of existing blowers with a new turbo blower system complete with upgraded control valves and air piping including main header, drop legs and air headers into each aeration tank
  • Installation of new WAS pumps, and reconfiguration of existing WAS piping to allow for waste sludge pumping directly to the North Toronto Trunk Sewer.
  • Reconfiguration of existing RAS piping to eliminate hydraulic constraints and facilitate independent operation of three separate treatment plants.
  • Installation of new ferrous chloride dosing pumps and piping to facilitate dual-point dosage including air piping in trench. A channel aeration mixing system to be installed in the dosing point of ferrous chloride.