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Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation

Rosehill Reservoir Rehabilitation

Recent Bennett Construction Group Project

Bennet Built

Value: $34,600,000.00

  • Excavation, removal and disposal of 30,000 cubic meters of topsoil and subsoil from the reservoir roof
  • Installation of 40,000 square meters of hot applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing on the reservoir roof and new drainage system
  • Removal and replacement of 3,500 linear meters of expansion joint from the reservoir base
  • Construction of new interconnection chamber supplying the reservoir, new dichlorination chamber and new deflector valve chamber
  • Installation of new 1500mm deflector valve, 1500mm butterfly valves, 1350mm butterfly valves, 1350mm gate valves, 1200mm butterfly valves, 1050mm butterfly valves and 900mm butterfly valves
  • 350 linear meters of CIPP lining in existing 300mm and 600mm storm drains
  • Installation of reservoir baffle wall system
  • Supply and installation of 25,000 cubic meters of granular backfilling upon completion of waterproofing works, 7,000 cubic meters of topsoil and 45,000 square meters of sod
  • Installation of new garden irrigation system and extensive architectural/landscaping improvements to David A. Balfour Park